Cloud Solutions

Enable business agility and digital transformation with our cloud infrastructure

The expertise, performance, security, and stability required to drive the connected organization 

We provide the in-depth expertise and services to ensure you make the best of the opportunities cloud infrastructure presents. Through our consulting-led approach, we’ll help you make sense of how the cloud can benefit your business. We can guide you to work out the best location for your applications and give you the tools to manage them in a transparent manner. Our global, top-tier data centers and networks, together with our globally standardized cloud infrastructure operations, makes our cloud the safe and secure platform your business needs. 

Private platforms for enterprise workloads

Giving you the predictability you need for your enterprise applications. Private Cloud ensures that your mission-critical systems are available when you need them with full control over the security, compliance, and performance of your infrastructure. We provide a full consumption-based model, allowing you to scale as your business grows without additional capital expenses. Giving you the economic model of the public cloud with the predictability of private cloud.

Optimize management of your hybrid IT infrastructure

Agility and flexibility are critical for digital business, but hybrid IT environments are difficult to manage. With applications hosted on a combination of on-premises, private cloud and public cloud, keeping an eye on everything is not easy. With systems spread out across multiple environments you need a way to manage all of these from a single interface. We provide you with the visibility required to gain insight into how all your systems work together. This helps you better understand which applications can be moved to the cloud and which need to stay in their existing environment. 


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